When a U.S. president conducts foreign policy based on intelligence provided by the autocratic Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, an ex-KGB operative who helped him get elected — instead of our country's own intelligence agencies, our Constitutional Republic is in the throes of FASCISM.

See the proof.

To take over a democracy, a would-be tyrant will run for office and make lots of promises that won't be kept.  He will lie constantly and do whatever it takes to get elected.

As a candidate, a would-be tyrant will rely on, and exploit, the foundational democratic institutions which he intends to weaken or eliminate once he is elected.

Once elected, the would-be tyrant will immediately consolidate his power and try to keep it as long as possible — no matter how — just as Hitler and Mussolini did in the 30s.  To wit:
  • Eliminate all opposition, current and future
  • Fill government with incompetent, self-serving yes-men
  • Bad-mouth and take over the media
  • Stack the courts with self-serving judges who will do his bidding
  • Reward the wealthy and the corporations
  • Form alliances with other autocrats to advance his own interests

Does any of this sound familiar?

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Tyrannical Obsession

As with any tyrant, staying in power for as long as he can has been Trump's primary obsession.  Any other issue, no matter how consequential to our security and well-being, takes second place.

Trump's obsession, however, goes beyond reelection.  Thumbing his nose at the U.S. Constitution, his ultimate goal is doing away with our elections and staying in power for the rest of his life.

"He's now president for life.  No, he's great.  Look, he was able to do that.  I think it's great.  Maybe we'll have to give that a shot some day."
~ Donald Trump on Chinese Communist Party Leader Xi Jinping

Trump's casual dismissal of constitutional restraints in his quest for permanent power and Republicans' seeming indifference are gradually creating a sense of doubt and desperation in the minds of myriad patriotic Americans.

“I have an Article II, where I have the right to do whatever I want as president.” ~ Donald Trump

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Trumpian Transgressions

  • Violation of Emoluments Clause
  • Dismantling the administrative state (hollowing out vital government agencies)
  • Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s findings
  • Ignoring Putin's "bounties" on American soldiers
  • Misuse of presidential pardons
  • First Amendment (attempts to suppress free press)
  • Lying and downplaying COVID-19 dangers

Budding Fascism

Road to Fascism
With tacit Republican approval, “would-be tyrant”, Donald Trump, has been planting the seeds of Fascism in America since winning the elections.
Since Trump announced his intention to run for the presidency, his foreign and domestic fascist-leaning supporters have been openly interfering in our elections.

With total impunity, his confederates have been suppressing the vote and working incessantly to undermine our Constitution and our democracy.

Whether intentionally or not, Fascism in America began when a sitting, self-serving president, with the support of the Republican Party:

  1. was allowed to hijack our Department of Justice, now headed by his devoted, personal Attorney General — chosen for his publicly-documented view that presidents are immune from prosecution and his loyalty to Donald Trump instead of the U.S. Constitution.
  2. was allowed to avoid congressional oversight and arbitrarily remove duly appointed officials, including 4 inspectors general, for investigating his administration's corrupt, unlawful, self-serving behavior.
  3. was allowed to conduct foreign policy based on intelligence provided by the autocratic Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, and ex-KGB operative who helped him get elected — instead of our country's own intelligence agencies.
  4. was allowed to avoid oversight by replacing bona fide officials, cabinet members, etc., with inexperienced, incompetent, "acting" loyal yes-men willing to do his bidding, whether illegally or not.
  5. was allowed to materially and financially enrich himself and his family in violation of the "Emoluments Clause" of the Constitution.
  6. was allowed to dangle pardons to convicted criminals who might testify against him in court, e.g., General Mike Flynn, Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and others.
  7. was allowed to arbitrarily abandon treaties put in place to protect American interests and security around the world, e.g., the Paris Agreement, the Iran Nuclear Deal, etc.
  8. was allowed to silence and arbitrarily dismiss scientists and other officials who consider Donald Trump's reckless, self-serving actions and policies harmful to the health and security of our nation and conceived for the sole purpose of getting him reelected in 2020.
  9. was given carte blanche to search-and-remove individuals from important government positions for their unwillingness to pledge their loyalty to him.
  10. was given a pass when he and his cronies violated the Constitution by deploying National Guard and "unmarked" military troops against peaceful protesters to advance his own political agenda.

Obstruction Of Justice

  • Donald Trump, with help from his Republican cronies, has on various occasions obstructed DoJ investigations of his abuse of power.
  • Donald Trump, to please Turkey's Autocratic President, Recep Erdogan, recklessly withdrew U.S. troops from Syria, forcing our Kurdish allies, who defeated ISIS, to join forces with Syria’s Russian-backed government — or be destroyed by Turkish forces.
  • Donald Trump, without congressional approval, to please "his generous buddies", took it upon himself to send thousands of U.S. troops to Saudi Arabia.
  • Donald Trump arbitrarily diverted and spent federal funds without congressional authorization.
  • Donald Trump, in defiance of a federal court order, inhumanly split families and incarcerated children at the Texas border.
  • Donald Trump, ignoring the advice of foreign-policy experts, has arbitrarily broken treaties and ignored U.S. commitments to our allies.

“We must reject and hold accountable those in office who would make a mockery of our Constitution.”
~ General James Mattis, Trump's ex-Secretary of State
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