What is Americracy?
Americracy starts right where the Founding Fathers left off!  It is a call to action based on the dreadful reality that our democracy is in crisis — in fact, an existential crisis!
The Biden-Harris team won in 2020 but this is just the beginning.  Protecting our Constitutional Democratic Republic will require a serious, long-term commitment from all of us.  To do nothing is to be derelict in our duty.

Republicans' palpable indifference to Donald Trump's Fascist proclivities proves that only Democrats can be trusted to dutifully protect the Constitution and our American way of life.

Our purpose, therefore, is to ensure that Democratic legislators get elected — and stay elected!

To this end, Americracy provides Democratic legislators with permanent, non-partisan reforms . . .

  1. especially designed to bring the flagrant injustice, divisiveness and inequality which are destroying our nation to a screeching halt.
  2. acceptable to all voters regardless of party affiliation.

The Buck Stops Here

The time to "pass-the-buck" is long-gone!  Now it's time for action! 

Fascist-leaning forces, foreign and domestic, are nefariously steering our nation toward FASCISM!

It's up to us to honor the Founding Fathers and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to "keep our republic".  Hence, Americracy!

Our proposed Americratic rational Solutions and Reforms are based on verifiable, historical information from sources readily available online for which direct links are provided for the reader's own scrutiny.

America needs patriotic, responsible, can-do patriots committed to the preservation of our imperiled Democracy and its institutions.

America needs patriotic citizens willing to volunteer and join us in our effort to provide our political candidates with the tools necessary to preserve our democracy.

Activity Beats Passivity

Yelling at the TV, complaining and posting one's outrage on social media will ultimately change nothing.  The following will:

  1. Sharing our Americratic reforms with your representatives and urging them to adopt them.
  2. Joining — and encouraging others to — join our effort
  3. Voting!
  4. Strongly encouraging others to Vote!

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