How Democrats Can Win
Reality 2020
74 Million Voted for Trump
By now, Democrats should be asking themselves the big question: "Why would 74 Million Americans vote for a president who is responsible for ignoring a pandemic which, so far, has infected 14 million and killed over 270,000 Americans?"

Why does 47% of the voting population support an unpatriotic, corrupt and self-serving admirer of tyrants who:

  1. has consorted and conspired with foreign autocrats to undermine American democracy
  2. has evaded paying taxes for decades
  3. has hollowed our government agencies
  4. believes only "suckers" and "losers" die for their country
  5. has spent million$ to overturn a legitimate election

The answer to this question is the key to the Democratic victories which will be needed to effect the reforms necessary to secure our Democracy, its institutions and implement the People's Agenda.

It's no secret that Today's Republicans are not what they used to be.  For this breed, self-interest, wealth-creation and avoiding taxes are paramount.  Patriotism, serving your country and empathy for the less fortunate among us?  Not so much!

With this in mind, Democrats can't continue peddling the same ol', frayed-around-the-edges rhetoric and expect Trump-voter types to buy it!  We must do things differently!

Déjà Vu All Over Again?

Something Else To Worry About

Instead of augmenting our 2018 gains in the House, Democrats actually lost seats in 2020.  If we lose the House and Senate in 2022, a replay of the 2010 disaster cannot be ruled out.

After the 2010 elections, President Obama was "left up the creek without a paddle", at the mercy of Mitch McConnell, who thwarted every effort made by the president to implement the People's Agenda — as well as meeting his constitutional obligation to fill a Supreme Court vacancy.

It's The Numbers, Stupid!


In red states like Florida, Republican and Independent voters combined exceed the number of Democrats.  Obviously, to achieve victories in these states, Democrats will require a new playbook!

  • Democrats must not ignore the 74 Million who voted for Trump, nor the reasons why.
  • Democrats must understand the "Trumpian Mindset" — and how to address it!  Needless to say, this is easier said than done; it will require tremendous discipline and self-control for those emotionally-charged Democrats who are wont to shoot now and ask questions later.
  • To lure at least some of the millions who voted for Trump, in red/purple states, Democratic candidates must concentrate on those "global issues" which are important to all voters regardless of party affiliation, e.g.,
    Fair Taxation Fiscal Responsibility The National Debt
    Financial Security National Security Economic Stability
    The Environment Infrastructure Health Insurance Choice

  • Of course, the aim here is to put the People's Agenda in abeyance until such time as Democrats are in control and implementation of a fair, rational, acceptable, revenue-generating tax code becomes a possibility.

A Tale of A Mindset

MINDSET: 1. a mental attitude or inclination; 2. a fixed state of mind


Like any other politico-social entity, Democrats have a mindset which leans heavily toward lending a hand to the less fortunate, protecting human rights and doing what is perceived as best for the country and planet we live on.

The Republican mindset, however, is self-gratifying and skewed toward wealth creation, social exclusivity and control, vehement opposition to paying taxes or any person or idea that may, in any manner, limit or thwart their effort.

Going forward, understanding the Republican Mindset and its importance in the battle for the "hearts and minds" of Trumps 47% will be key to winning large Democratic victories.

Alternatively, ignoring the Republican Mindset will only get us more "Future Donald Trumps"!

A New Approach

Constituency Awareness
  • In Republican districts, where the People's Agenda is generally perceived as toxic, the best strategy would seem to be as follows:
    1. Remember that, no matter where Democrats are, what they say is monitored by the opposition.
    2. Careless comments will be used as talking points, political ads, etc., whenever and wherever possible to arouse the base.
    3. Address only those issues held in common by the parties.
    4. Be patient!  Leave the rest until implementation is possible.
    5. Talk about national security!
    6. Talk about fiscal responsibility!
    7. Talk about the need to pay off the national debt!
    8. Talk about generating revenue, not raising taxes!
    9. Talk about fair taxation!

Speaking Of Fair Taxation!

How do we get Independents' and bona fide Republicans' attention?

Their Pocketbooks!

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