Judicial Reform
The existense of our democracy requires a stand-alone Department of Justice which is totally independent from the control of the Executive Branch, along with a patriotic Attorney General loyal to the Constitution of the United States — not the president!

The Attorney General

Acting as the president's personal attorney, shielding him from Congressional oversight and protecting his corrupt associates ARE NOT part of the AG's responsibilities!

Until the advent of Donald Trump to the White House, the U.S. Department of Justice was meant to be the supreme, undisputed guardian of our Constitution and our American way of life.  These days, millions of Americans are not so sure!

Since his Senate confirmation, Donald Trump's especially hand-picked Attorney General's loyalty and devotion to "his boss" instead of our country, his dismissive attitude toward his department's traditions and the U.S. Constitution have been unprecedented in the history of our nation.

Barr's treatment of Justice Department prosecutors investigating Donald Trump's corruption and that of his cronies since he took office is casting a dark cloud of doubt over the department's role as an independent defender of our venerated Constitution and the rule of law in our nation.

Especially selected by Donald Trump for his publicly-documented view that sitting presidents are "above the law" and immune from prosecution, AG Barr's obvious, pro-Trump bias clearly violates his oath of office and imperils our democracy.  Still, Congress does nothing!

His intrusive, dictatorial, dominating and intimidating behavior in defense of Trump's personal interests has caused esteemed, highly-respected officials at the Department of Justice to resign or be fired — endangering democracy.

Our Judicial System

Our Judiciary is America's bulwark against Fascism and every despotic force in the world whose prime goal is undermining our Constitution and the institutions which protect America.
Our justice system is an American ideal conceived to instill the peace of mind which only freedom, justice and equality under the law can bring.

But our justice system is not written in stone!  Historically, to protect it, millions of patriots have had to give their lives.

To take it for granted in our current, fraught, Trump/Barr/McConnell era would be a grievous error!

Under these individuals, the old notion of "equality under the law" has been transformed into "law according to whom you know".

As the Trump/Barr/McConnell group has made perfectly clear, Americans can't always depend on elected politicians and public officials to hold our Democracy and its institutions above their own self-interest.

To be sure, the quasi-tyrannical, fascist-leaning behavior of this infamous trio has brought foreign and domestic confidence in the sanctity of our system of justice to a demoralizing all-time low.

Unless some permanent judicial reforms are SOON enacted, the foundation on which our Democracy was erected will crumble, bringing America closer to the scourge of FASCISM.

Conclusion: Going forward, the American system of justice cannot depend on the whims and desires of any irresponsible, capricious, self-serving individual who might be occupying the White House!

Our Americratic Reforms

When a sitting president, "civil Officer of the United States", political operative, family member or political campaign donor violates the law, the American people should have no doubt that such an individual will be quickly investigated and, if necessary, prosecuted.
To that end, we offer our proposed reforms, which were designed to provide the tools and the power to those constant, patriotic guardians of law and order on whose shoulders and patriotism the endurance of our Constitutional Democratic Republic rests.

Nomination And Term Of Office

RE: Attorney General; National Security Advisor; FBI Director; Prosecutors ("Appointed Officials"), Federal and Supreme Court Judges

  • Nominating Committee: a bipartisan "Senate Nominating-Committee" consisting of four (4) members shall be created for the sole purpose of nominating future Appointed Officials; no committee member shall have had any prior business or other relationship with the nominee.
  • Term: 10-years ("the Term")
  • Nomination: shall be made during the last year of each regularly Appointed Official's term
  • Confirmation: shall be decided by a 2/3 Senate majority no later than December 31 of the last year
  • Dismissal: Only the Senate, by a 2/3 majority, shall retain the right to dismiss and replace any Appointed Official before his or her Term has expired.
  • Premature Vacancy: any vacancy prematurely caused by the death or dismissal of an Appointed Official shall automatically be filled by the next in-line Appointed Official.

Harsher Penalties For Elected Officials

  • In the event that any elected official, appointed official or government employee shall be found guilty of any felony or crime whatsoever, the severity of any applicable penalty for said felony or crime shall be at least 3 times that which would otherwise be imposed on any other American citizen.

    In addition, any and all benefits forthcoming to any such individual as compensation for government service, including pensions, should be deemed forfeited and cancelled.

Commutations and Pardons
  • No sitting president shall have the right to pardon any individual, including family members, staff members, political supporters, campaign members, campaign contributors or Elected Officials who, directly or indirectly, shall have ever been connected to said sitting president.
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