Why Democrats Lose Elections
Soluble Problems

Nearly half of registered voters — including many Independents and disgruntled Republicans — voted for a candidate who openly, with the assistance of his self-serving, sycophantic enablers and with total disregard for American traditions and norms, is still making every effort to steer our hard-fought-for democracy toward Fascism weeks after having lost the election to Vice-President Joe Biden by over 6 million votes.

To be sure, none of those who were willing to risk their lives at his COVID-19-Spreader rallies was mesmerized by his intellect (or lack thereof), his ineloquence or his immoral, unpatriotic behavior!

The reason Trump's so-called "base" gave him their vote is far less complicated than it seems!  To wit:

It's All About The Money!
"We don't pay taxes; only the little people pay taxes!"
~ Tax-evading, convicted felon, Leona Helmsley in the 1980's

  • Income: Republicans and Independents have historically supported the party they perceive as protector of their income.
  • Taxes: Trump supporters knew that he, as Tax-Evader-In-Chief, would not raise their taxes.
  • The Lockdown: Trump refused to implement a "national lockdown", which, like higher taxes, would have diminished his supporters' income and alienated them in an election year.
  • The Agenda: The Democrat's long list of social and other necessary programs was portrayed by Republicans as a very expensive, socialist/communist program which would raise their taxes.  For example:
    Healthcare Education Unemployment
    Minimum wage Economic equality Global warming
    The Environment Infrastructure Immigration
    Black Lives Matter LGBTQ rights Abortion (Pro-Choice)
    Penal reform Voter suppression DACA

Unintended Consequences
  • Sophomoric Comments: Thoughtless, unfiltered comments such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's " . . . a system that allows billionaires is ‘immoral’" provided Republicans with ammunition they used to paint all Democrats as Socialists/Communists who will take away their money.
  • Loose lips sink ships! Emotionally-charged catchphrases, such as "defund the police", "Medicare For All", etc., became Republican battle cries used to agitate/motivate their base, which seem to have worked!

The aforesaid notwithstanding, had Trump stated he would have to raise taxes, a significant portion of his base would have probably evaporated on election day.  Remember Bush 41's fateful "Read my lips:  No new taxes!" promise in 1992?  Al Gore in 2000?  Walter Mondale in 1984?

Systemic Problems

Inadequate Candidate Support

  • In many cases, Democratic candidates are "self-selected, 'unvetted'", inexperienced and ignorant of issues and process.
  • More often than not, Democratic candidates get no financial support from local, county or state organizations and are left to run self-financed, ineffectual, shoe-string campaigns.
  • During the Florida elections, some Democratic congressional candidates were asked to pay $2,500 for a CD of registered voters.  Had the CD been provided FREE, candidates would have had $2,500 to spend on other campaign needs!
  • Because some candidates get no party support, they campaign by their own rules, sometimes having to ask for — and receiving! — support from Republicans, potentially compromising their support of core Democratic policies.
  • Candidates get no technical, social media or strategic support from Democratic organizations.

Problems At The Top

Leadership Woes
  • Just like most candidates, a significant number of Democratic Executive Committees and Caucuses receive no significant support of any kind from state or national organizations.  When they do, it's usually too late to be of any consequence.
  • Often, the leaders of these organizations, whether inexperienced or incompetent, are left to their own devices, without the necessary guidance to mentor inexperienced, self-selected candidates running in red areas where the old methods don't work.
  • Worst of all, in some instances, leaders in vital areas are chosen on a personality or pliability basis — instead of competency, experience and dedication.  Personality alone does not help win elections — experience and dedication do!
  • In fact, complaints about party leaders who run their groups as their personal fiefdoms, alienating other officers and volunteers in the process, abound.

Wanted: Mindful Democrats

Donald Trump's 47%

Joe and Kamala Winning the 2020 Election?  A good thing!  Our nation will get a well-deserved respite from the Trump-sown madness of the last four years.  Our allies are beaming.

Forgetting about Donald Trump's 74 million voters?  A grave mistake!  Why?

The electoral victories Democrats required to effect the reforms necessary to protect our Democratic Republic will depend on Democrats' ability to wrest a sizable share of the 47% from Trump's, so-called, base.

In addition, to convince a significant a share of Trumps' 47% to join our ranks, many Democrats will have to exercise great discretion, avoid "wedge-issues" and hone in on a group of voters which, unlike millions of Democrats, votes!

Of course, the foregoing will require extreme self-discipline.