Wait For It!

An Ounce Of Prevention

The following Americratic Reforms are offered as "preemptive vetting steps" designed to prevent future unqualified individuals from ever occupying the White House and threatening the very foundations of our democracy.

Tax-Return Disclosure


Countless questions and doubts have arisen about Donald Trump′s possible conflicts of interest and corruption at the highest levels of government.

Thus, any future candidate who wishes to run for any federal elective office must be subject to the following:

Mandatory Pre-Registration Tax-Return Disclosure

Immediately upon registration to run for any federal office and before beginning any political campaign activity, including fundraising, candidates shall unconditionally and mandatorily release complete federal tax returns for the previous 5 years, whether or not said tax returns are subject to the IRS audit process.

Blind Trust Compliance

Mandatory Pre-Election Blind Trust Compliance

To protect our democracy and avoid conflicts of interest and corruption at the highest levels of government, the following rules must be adopted and strictly-enforced:
  1. No later than fifteen (15) days after winning nomination, candidates shall either:
    1. place all business holdings and interests in a "blind trust" OR
    2. fully divest from any and all business holdings and interests
  2. Any nominee who fails to initiate compliance, as outlined in Paragraph a, above, shall be automatically disqualified and office in question shall be awarded to the next "runner-up" candidate, provided said "runner-up" is able to fully comply with the aforementioned requirements.

Voter Suppression

To make up for demographic trends which are thinning the ranks of their party, Republicans have been shamelessly and illegally kicking voters off the voting rolls in order to stay in power.
In every election, using debunked voter-fraud claims as an excuse, along with other unsavory methods, without fail, Republicans have been disenfranchising voters by the thousands.
  • Slowing down the mail; removing mailboxes
  • Limiting early voting and polling places
  • Voter ID Laws
  • Voter Registration Restrictions
  • Voter Purges
  • Felony Disenfranchisement
  • Gerrymandering

Uniform Voting And Registration

National Uniform Voting And Registration Act ("NUVRA")

NUVRA will ensure voter equality and participation during presidential and mid-term elections.  It will end Republican Voter Suppression Efforts Targeting Minorities in Georgia, Texas, North Dakota and elsewhere in the U.S.  The process:
  1. nationally, all campaign-related activities shall be uniformly executed, for example,
    • starting date, time and duration of activity
    • voter registration methods, e.g., automatic at age of 18, online, in person
    • voting methods, e.g., in person, early voting, vote-by-mail, absentee ballot, etc.
  2. Voter registration shall be up to 21st Century standards.  See Brennan Center For Justice Recommendations.
  3. Election Day shall be declared a national holiday and held on Sunday.

The 11-Month Rule

The 11-Month Rule

The 11-Month Rule is intended to narrow the campaign-contribution window to minimize the impact of unaccountable Dark Money in political campaigns.
  1. Regardless of its source, whether directly or indirectly, no political contribution to any registered candidate running for office or reelection shall be permitted 11 months prior to the date of the next election.
  2. All political contributions to registered candidates shall be limited to those officials in fact running for reelection and subject to the limitations stated in Paragraph a, above.
  3. Any candidate in violation of the limitations stated in Paragraph a, above, shall be disqualified and unable to participate in the election.

Lifetime Tenure

As citizens of a bygone era, the Founding Fathers could not possibly have foreseen the lengths to which anti-democratic, foreign and domestic individuals would go to undermine our elections.

The following are offered as solutions designed to put a damper on the erosion of our electoral system.


Rational Term Limits

Rational Term Limits

Without Rational Term Limits, the fate of our Democratic institutions will remain in the hands of a few, self-serving, power-hungry politicians willing to turn a blind eye to corruption and collusion with foreign and domestic oligarchs intent on undermining our Democracy.

Rational Term Limits would mitigate the effects of the flagrant use of gerrymandering and other voter-suppression methods perpetrated by politicians to keep their own party in power for as long as possible, regardless of the negative impact on voter confidence and participation.


Campaign Finance Reform

Corporations Are Not People!

Money Is Not Free Speech!

As things stand today, the corrosive influence of Dark Money in our electoral system further tilts the balance of power toward adherents of Citizens United.

Dark Money is the tool through which wealthy campaign donors and corporations insure that their interests are promoted and protected by armies of lobbyists and self-serving politicians.

How can we permanently get rid of Dark Money?  Through a constitutional amendment!


Legalized Tax Evasion

Since the Internal Revenue began collecting taxes, with the help of serve-serving politicians whose campaign coffers they fill, the wealthy, more often than not, have avoided paying their fair share.
Fair Taxation
When the wealthy and the corporations in America avoid paying their fair share, our government lacks the necessary revenue to provide the services required by the citizens of the wealthiest nation in the world — ever!

When the government does not have the revenue to provide the necessary services, the people lose faith in the system and stop participating in elections.

When the people stop participating in elections, the greedy enemies of democracy gain control of the government.



  1. high unemployment
  2. growing poverty
  3. homelessness
  4. children suffer and go hungry
  5. public health worsens
  6. national infrastructure keeps crumbling
  7. environment deteriorates
  8. social services suffer
  9. social order is endangered
  10. national security endangered

Caveat Lector

Let the reader beware: Americracy is not in any way opposed to the creation of wealth.

In fact, we encourage the legitimate and humane creation of wealth!  More often than not, the creation of wealth has lifted millions from poverty in America and throughout the world.

To be sure, what we oppose is the unbridled, immoral, insatiable greed which fosters economic inequality and poverty for millions of Americans in the wealthiest nation in the world, which is slowly destroying our democracy and our American way of life.

Automatic Continuing Budget Resolution

It is monumentally absurd that a single individual, ignoring the consequences for the country, should have the absolute power to shut down the United States government — just because he can!

How ACBR Works

  • Auto-activates when politicians can’t agree on a budget
  • No politician can single-handedly shut down the government
  • Prevents unnecessary hardship to millions of Americans
  • Keeps national security agencies and military funded
  • Protects our borders and airport security

The Democrats' Burden

Donald Trump has clearly demonstrated what can happen to a democracy when an incompetent, disingenuous and self-serving, tyrant-wannabee is given unlimited control of its foundational democratic institutions.

The endurance of our democracy demands that permanent, unequivocal reforms be enacted to prevent the candidacy of future Donald Trumps for the U.S. presidency.  Enacting said imperative reforms falls squarely on Democrats' shoulders!
Unfortunately, today's self-serving Republicans will not support any reform without some kind of remuneration.

John Bolton's decision to hold out for a book deal rather than testifying at the congressional Trump impeachment hearings is an example of today's what's-in-it-for-me Republican creed.

Effecting meaningful reforms will require multiple, consecutive, Democratic administrations occupying the White House as well as large Democratic majorities in the House and Senate.

How Democrats Can Win

Winning — and keeping — the White House, along with large Democratic majorities in the House and Senate will be difficult, but not impossible!

To achieve consecutive Democratic majorities, Democratic candidates must become cognizant of American voters' Priority #1:


The need for income is, without doubt, the one thing that all voters, regardless of party, have in common!  Putting food on the table and paying the rent is priority #1!

For everyday, financially-insecure — possibly unemployed — Americans, everything else is secondary.

As the old saying goes, "Americans vote their pocketbooks".  For these voters, higher taxes are out of the question!

It's no secret: with few exceptions, politicians who talk about raising taxes are D.O.A. on Election Day!

The Key

To win, and stay in power, voters, especially Independents and disgruntled Republicans, must be convinced that Democrats are aware of their aversion to higher taxes and our massive out-of-control national debt.

They must convince voters, regardless of party affiliation, that historically, Democrats have been truly fiscally-responsible while Republicans have not!

Voters must be convinced that Democrats have a plan to increase the income of the majority of Americans while gradually paying off the economy-busting, national debt without raising their taxes because everyone will pay their fair shareNo exceptions!  This is the key!

See our Americratic Plan.


To most taxpayers, higher taxes means less income to put food on the table.  Republicans know and exploit this.  Without fail, no matter what the state of the economy is, Republicans' platform always includes lower taxes.

The result: historically, unless the economy is in terribly bad shape and unemployment is high, Republicans win the White House.

In fact, since 1920, Democrats have won the presidency only after reckless Republican tax-cut policies have wrecked the economy, e.g., Hoover in 1929 and George W. Bush in 2000.

How do Republicans manage to win the White House after having destroyed the economy every time they've been in power? 

How They Do It

It's simple!  To fix the economy after Republican policies have wrecked it, Democrats always have to increase revenue by raising tax rates.

After Democrats have fixed the economy, Republicans simply repaint Democrats as "tax-and-spend Liberal Socialists" who will raise taxes and — BAM! — they win.

To win — and stay in power — Democrats must be able to put an end to these reckless, "seesaw-tax-rate cycles".

If Republicans Win In 2020

  • our government will continue to drift toward the scourge of Fascism!
  • greedy oligarchs will be able to put a knee on the neck of our democratic institutions, gradually choking our Constitutional Democratic Republic
  • the oft-vaunted unalienable rights for which so many Americans have paid the ultimate price — which we, for so long, have taken for granted — will be relegated to the bins of oblivion!
  • the national debt (soon to exceed $25 Trillion) will keep growing.  The U.S. will never have fiscal sanity, a stable economy or the capacity to raise the revenue necessary to meet the needs of the citizens of the wealthiest nation in the history of the world.
  • Americans can wave bye-bye to healthcare for all, quality education, infrastructure repair and the rest.

A Question Of Morality

In America, the scourge of insatiable greed pervades the land.  Greed seems to permeate throughout every transaction between buyer and seller.

For example, every American who subscribes to any service provider, e.g., internet, cable, phone, etc., is at the provider's mercy.  All "agreements" are made by phone, leaving the subscriber with no written document that could be used against the provider in any future dispute.  The result: every so often, providers arbitrarily and shamelessly increase their rates and the subscriber has no recourse.

What does the government do?  NOTHING!

Even worse, unless a family can afford more pricy, organic food at the supermarket or the farm, American families are forced to consume foods of questionable nutritional value, often consisting of ingredients detrimental to their health.

Is there any wonder why obesity runs rampant in the U.S.?  Why healthcare is so costly?

How long can the American people endure these egregious conditions — the product of insatiable, downright despicable, GREED?

We have a plan.

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